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Having competed in many competitions including the Cyprus Throwdown in 2015, The Rainhill Trails and the National Fitness Games to name a few, Mikey brings a wealth of experience to the table. Along with a passion of wanting to enable others to unlock their true potential. He always has our Athletes best interests at heart. Mikey works in a rehabilitation clinic for injured Tactical Athletes, working with them in a one to one capacity to help rehabilitate the injury they have sustained to get them back to deploying on Operations. With input from the Physiotherapist.


- Level 6 Advanced Diploma In Exercise Rehabilitation.

- Level 4 PT (GP refferal, Diabetes, Lower Back Pain & Obesisty).

- Pre & Post Natal Instructor.

- British Weightlifting Level 2

- British Weightlifting Technical Official

- Health and Wellbeing Advisor Level 4 (Fitness & Leisure) AfN.

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